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As is a specialized managed WordPress hosting company, therefore, it offers the managed hosting solutions for all types of websites that include blogs, personal websites, e-commerce,


Over time, WordPress hosting has become so vital that it can now determine the website’s success on search engines. Therefore, if you choose a bad, cheap, or underperforming hosting company, you will lose a significant stake. Choosing the right hosting company is crucial in aligning the optimal conditions for your success. is a fast-growing platform that offers fully-managed and ultra-fast WordPress hosting solutions. Its superior cloud infrastructure powers the hosting platform’s high-speed performance, making it the fastest managed hosting brand in the market. If hosting plans with reliable uptime, speed, secure backups, automatic updates, and CDN are your priority, then is the right one for you.

Features of is a specialized managed WordPress hosting company. Therefore, it offers managed hosting solutions for all types of websites like blogs, personal websites, e-commerce, and business websites. It has a fantastic load time of 395ms, which varies depending on your region. The company also uses a WP-Rocket caching plugin to improve page speed. You may find some additional features like minifying CSS, HTTP requests, delaying images, and javascript advantageous if you want to improve your website’s impressions.

Moreover, automatically optimizes your WordPress website contents, with no customizations or plugin needed. After that, your optimized website is pushed as close as possible to the website visitors to ensure that they also get the same exceptional experience.

The managed WordPress plans include:

  • Highly optimized WordPress hosting that is equipped for better speed and performance. It also uses a global CDN, cloud edge network, Brotli compression, and various other cutting-edge technologies to boost faster performance.
  • ensures impenetrable security with malware protection and patching, built-in website firewall, DDoS attack protection, brute force, and much more.     
  • The platform also takes pride in its 1-click WordPress installer, daily automated and manual backups that users can access from an elementary mission control center.

Pros and Cons


  • In contrast to other hosting companies like Kinsta, provides separate hosting plans for starters, businesses, and enterprises.
  • If you purchased any of the plans, you would receive the benefits of using the Cloudflare Enterprise Plan. These benefits include Cloudflare CDN, Caching, Image optimization, and Cloudflare WAF, etc. You would not get the Cloudflare CDN advantages with Kinsta because the pattern of Kinsta is with KeyCDN.
  • Compared to Kinsta, you will enjoy more monthly visits, bandwidth, and disk space with


  • is limited to WordPress only. Therefore, it does not apply to any other platforms.
  •  Unlike its competitors, doesn’t come with a free domain feature with any of the annual plans. Pricing Plans has four levels of managed WordPress hosting plans.


This plan is a $25 per month plan, with 25,000 visits and 1 WordPress install.


The Pro plan costs $50 per month and allows users up to 3 WordPress installs and 100,000 visits.


The plan is rated at $83 per month, having up to 10 WordPress installs and 250,000 visits.


The Agency plan costs $166 per month, having up to 25 WordPress installs and 500,000 visits.

Support and Customer service

Let’s admit it; not everyone has the expertise to understand website development on a more in-depth level. In fact, majority of WordPress users rely on its simplicity and do not bother to learn more about the technical stuff behind it. And even the advanced users might not know everything about it. 

So when circumstances of concern come, these users will require an expert’s aid to solve the issue. Choosing a hosting company that offers fast and competent customer support will definitely make things a lot better. 

Via phone, live chat, and email, offers 24/7 support. And as a managed WordPress hosting platform, having a support staff that understands WordPress from the inside out is a great relief and confidence booster.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best WordPress hosting company takes time and ample consideration. But is the choice really so difficult? No! offers a great deal with advantages that are sure to make you feel more secure in handling your website. servers are highly optimized, so you will not have to worry and fuss about your website performance. It’s also very easy to use, even for beginners. You are getting more with its enhanced security, knowledgeable support, and automatic updates at a very affordable rate. Plus, it provides what many hosting platforms fail at- speed!

You cannot go wrong with one of the best managed WordPress hosting options like Check it out now to experience the improvements on your own website!