How to Boost Conversions Like Crazy with Coupon Popups

-Easy How To: Effortless Coupon Popups Hacks that Work



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For small businesses, bloggers, e-commerce websites, and marketing agencies, OptinMonster are among the most powerful lead generation and conversion optimization tool.




Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you are assisting your clients while also making it easy for them to purchase your products? Imagine being able to improve your site’s user experience (UX) while also increasing sales. It’s essentially the digital marketing world’s “holy grail.”And that’s precisely what will happen when you use OptinMonster to distribute coupons to your intended audience. You’ll be able to take your coupon marketing approach to the next level, resulting in increased income.



Several programs are available for making generic coupon popups, but not all of them will produce the desired results.

It’s critical to provide discounts adequately. A timely popup coupon will make the customers feel as though they’re part of an exclusive “in-group.” A well-targeted campaign, in other words, makes users feel unique.

You can provide coupons in the proper direction, at the right time, to the right individuals with OptinMonster, which is the holy grail of marketing, after all. Because of OptinMonster‘s extensive targeting capabilities, you may display coupons on particular sites, to specific visitors, at specified times, and in certain areas.



  • You have complete control over the discounts and coupons that are presented, as well as the chances of winning, with OptinMonster‘s Coupon Wheel. You can edit the text for each choice and decide whether or not your website visitors will be eligible to win. The probability of winning is then displayed for each option. You even have complete control over the spin wheel’s colors and fonts, as well as the ability to show your logo in the middle.
  • Geo-Location Targeting allows you to switch graphics and incentives to always give the best offer to the best customer at the best moment. By integrating the geo-location software with powerful Page-Level Targeting tools, you could fine-tune your recommendations even further. Additionally, OptinMonster assists you in attracting new consumers by offering localized shipping deals and discounts, hence improving customer loyalty and boosting revenue.
  • You can quickly categorize your email list and arrange subscribers based on their interests and interactions with your website with Page-Level Targeting. Because classification allows you to deliver relevant emails to your users, you’ll see higher open rates, clickthrough rates, purchases, profit, customer satisfaction, and decreased cancellation rates.
  • Exit-intent® technology is a behavioral technology that records and analyzes website users’ activities and detects when they’re about to leave without making a purchase or giving their credentials. Its goal is to prevent cart abandonment and increase lead generation. Exit-intent popups have been shown to lower cart abandonment and boost total conversion.


Timed Display Control Controlling when visitors view your leads is the only method to ensure that you produce leads without bothering your visitors; this is when OptinMonster‘s Timed Display Control comes in handy. You may establish time delays for your promotions using OptinMonster’s Timed Display Control to minimize inconveniencing visitors while still generating subscribers and sales.

Scroll Trigger
OptinMonster is the most remarkable scroll-triggered boxes addon, allowing you to offer possible buyers after they scroll down the page indicating their interest. It’s an excellent substitute for a timed campaign. Scroll Trigger can help you reduce abandonment while improving sales by promoting targeted advertising to visitors who are already interested in your products.

Campaign Scheduling
Campaign Scheduling by OptinMonster may help you develop timed small business promos that always capture your visitors’ interest. Set start and finish dates for every campaign to entice people to participate by noticing the changes each time they visit. You can arrange campaign start and end periods so that your seasonal promotions appear at the appropriate time. You also won’t have to worry about bothering clients with a popup at 2 a.m. because you can specify time zones so that each campaign appears at the appropriate time.

Bottom Line

OptinMonster has become likely the greatest email optin and unique popup creation tool for WordPress users, thanks to the new functionalities. You can take your lead generation game to the next level thanks to the diverse variety of high-quality templates, a feature-rich builder, and precise settings that determine when your popups are activated, on which sites they’re accessible, and who can view them.

A further helpful feature is its ability to trigger optin form popups from a button or link on a page, providing you even more options for persuading users to engage with your content. Anybody who needs to advertise personalized content in a popup window will benefit from the blank canvas option.

In conclusion, while the unique exit intent behavior trigger which helped this tool stand out from the rest has now been duplicated or embraced by most of its competitors. OptinMonster‘s new features, existing features, and increased ease-of-use ensure it’s still the most incredible email plugin on the market!