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Green Geeks


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One cannot imagine something intangible like a website contributing to climate change.

Green Geeks


With thousands of data centers and millions of servers drawing huge amounts of electricity, the web hosting industry may surpass air travel as one of the worst polluters.

GreenGeeks is a web hosting service that purchases wind energy credits to restore three times the energy that it consumes. Also, it offers superb hosting packages that stand on their own. Other than that, you will get excellent customer support, rapid provisioning, and free migrations making it a great choice for the users.

GreenGeeks features

  • Control Panel

As with the majority of the Linux-based web providers, cPanel is the primary control panel for GreenGeeks. There are Softaculous and Fantastico script installers, and with these, you can install popular third-party blogging platforms.

  • Performance and Uptime

GreenGeeks is consistent with the industry standard for uptime guarantee. They are confident enough to include the uptime commitment in their service level agreement, just like other web hosting companies that offer to refund hosting credit for any downtime.

Green Geeks
  • Advanced technology

GreenGeeks doesn’t compromise when it is about their performance regardless of any hosting plan they offer. In addition to that, their data centers have restricted access and they are also served with the UPS systems.

  • Money-back guarantee

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but they will deduct the domain name cost, transfer costs, or any setup fees.

Pros and Cons of Green Geeks


Green Geeks
  • A solid uptime performance

    GreenGeeks makes a bold claim of 99.9% uptime, and they certainly have been able to live up to this claim. This clearly shows that they have quite a solid uptime performance.

  • Good customer support

    GreenGeeks offers live chat, and you can quickly connect to their customer support agent, who answers your questions concisely and quickly. With the extensive knowledge base of GreenGeeks, the users can easily search for answers to their questions. It can be great for those who prefer self-help over the assistance of a customer service representative.

  • Free website migration and domain name

    You can get a free domain name registration and connect it directly with GreenGeeks. As long as you will use their services, they will keep it free for you. Their domain name is free for the first year. And the best part is, if your website has been hosted anywhere else, GreenGeeks can help you transfer the site to their servers for free.

  • Multiple server locations

    GreenGeeks has its data centers in four different locations, i.e., Chicago, Phoenix, Amsterdam, and Montreal. When you choose the right server location, it can have a huge and positive impact on your web SEO. You will also experience faster speeds if you pick the server that is closer to you.


  • Questionable refund policy

    There is a tried-and-true standard industry practice of advertising followed by GreenGeeks, in which they offer a low monthly rate of $2.49 on their website, but in reality, you have to signup for three years in advance to get it.

  • Industry-standard pricing

    The majority of web hosts offer free domain names when you create a new account with them. GreenGeeks also offer you the same, but if you request the moneyback guarantee, your refund will automatically be deducted for a domain name registration fee, which means that the domain name is not free.


What makes GreenGeeks different from the others

WordPress is among the most powerful and popular content management systems in the world. Its customization and ease of use make it a wise choice to create a website regardless of user skill level, but you also need a powerful host to get the most out of the system. GreenGeeks can automate much of the process by letting the content writers, web developers, and businesses focus on what they can do best while leaving the optimization aspects to themselves.

It is worth noting that not all web hosting services are created equally; therefore, it is important to see how GreenGeeks differs from the rest of the web hosting providers– From its number of features, pricing plans, eco-friendly web hosting, and their commitment to offsetting the carbon footprints that their data centers produce.

Green Geeks

Bottom Line

GreenGeeks not only offers web hosting, but it surely has a bigger vision– they offer good speed, uptime, and great customer service. So, if you are looking for solid and inexpensive hosting, strong performance, and affordable prices, you need to look at the robust set of features offered by GreenGeeks, which makes them worth considering!