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With Content Studio, social media management just got easy. And what’s even great about it is, you don’t have to spend long hours creating content whether you are a business owner, agency, or a solopreneur.




There is a huge gap between traditional marketing and digital commerce. Nowadays, most people say yes to content marketing, and it is something that everyone talks about.

With Content Studio, social media management just got easy. And what’s even great about it is, you don’t have to spend long hours creating content whether you are a business owner, agency, or a solopreneur.

This software automates content posting on your social media accounts. It generates valuable ideas, discovers the latest topics, and enables its users to use their composer to create engaging and beautiful social and blog posts.

What makes it more interesting is that you can schedule your content beforehand to be posted at the right time with the right audience.


Content Studio is a data-driven social media management tool and content marketing platform that provides help to ease your overall workflow and operations. As part of the Kagiso Media group, it allows clients to fully access all of the group’s innovative production and media sources.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can freely navigate its features and uplevel your business in no time. Even starters find this very convenient as it allows you to generate content regularly for your blogs and keeps you in the loop with fresh news and updates.

The team itself is ambitious as they have rolled out solid and well-thought features and offers. The Content Studio content planner gives you an excellent and easy-to-use overview of your posts. Also, their ‘Automation Recipes’ module is relatively unique and lets you find, schedule, and post appropriate content on autopilot and based upon the fuels you set up.



  • It allows you to collaborate with your team members to streamline your content workflow and plan campaigns from an interactive calendar or list view. You can plan, approve, reject or schedule posts for all your marketing channels from a particular place and be in control of your digital strategies.
  • Content Studio also offers a multi-channel composer so that you can compose crisp content for your blog and social media from an intuitive editor. It allows you to embed content from your chosen sources, collaborate with your team, and manage approvals. Also, it comes with an onsite SEO optimization toolbox, trending hashtag suggestions, UTM manager, and many more.
  • Their ‘Automation Recipes’ module provides step-by-step templates that assist you in setting up different types of automation campaigns, saving you a considerable amount of time. You will also get relevant and targeted content posted on your channels in line with your own needs and settings.
  • For analytics and reporting, you can make complex business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. You may use the feedback from the analytical report and calibrate your strategy for optimal performance.

Pros and Cons



  • Content Studio is constantly improving, and they are continuously bringing in new features. If you think they currently don’t have the quality you are looking for, don’t feel sad about it because they will most likely bring that to the table for their next update.
  • It is intuitive and very convenient to use. This can also be the go-to solution for starters who struggles with creating and getting daily content.
  • Content Studio allows you to post on multiple social media channels in just one click. 
  • They also give out plenty of options for automation, and they can provide you with fantastic ideas for reposting similar content.
  • Compared to its competitors like HootSuite, Content Studio, as cloud-based software, will keep you organized on various social media platforms, as and even in your WordPress account.


  • The customer support of Content Studio is not as active as other software companies I the market. And it may take weeks before you get a response from a simple question or inquiry.
  • Content Studio doesn’t have integration to Instagram’s direct publishing. 
  • The users may experience a delay in its statistics because sometimes the response time may take a little while they appear on your notifications.
content studio



Their Pro plan costs $49 per month, and it offers 10 social media accounts, 1 workspace, 3 blogs, unlimited posts per month, access to various integrations, and so much more.


This is $99 per month, and this includes 25 social media accounts, 5 workspaces, 10 blogs, unlimited automation campaigns, content searches, topic feeds, and many more.


The plan would only cost you $199 a month. It offers you 50 social media accounts, 10 workspaces, 20 blogs, unlimited RSS feeds and content categories, and many more.


Their Large Plan costs $299 per month. This includes 150 social media accounts, 20 workspaces, 50 blogs, unlimited posts per month, connection to various influencers, a lot more exciting feature awaits you in this plan.

Bottom Line

Content Studio can cater to your digital marketing needs as well as growing your blog and business. It allows you to analyze your progress and make changes to your strategies according to your preferences and keep in touch with your audience through social inbox — all that in one platform!

Trusted by well-known brands like Unilever, WebRabbit, Mint Social, and many more, Content Studio have proven their worth in the business. And indeed, trusting them to provide services to your needs is an intelligent decision. 

Content Studio is undoubtedly leading the way towards helping bloggers and business owners to broaden their network by creating effective engagements. 

This is an ideal tool for managing your social sharing, social media campaigns, blogging, and content curation. So, if you are looking for solid support to create better-optimized content, sign up now and maximize their 14-day free trial!

And oh, they don’t require you to input your credit card details. Avail now!