The Best Email Automation Platform To Boost Your Business 2021

The Best Email Automation Platform To Boost Your Business  2021

The Best Email Automation Platform To Boost Your Business 2021

Email marketing remains the most successful marketing channel with the most significant ROI, despite all new marketing channels, technology, and techniques.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is a highly competitive industry. Because the average individual receives hundreds of emails every day, excellent execution is required to catch your target audience’s attention.

Luckily, various email marketing tools are available to assist you in preparing, implementing, and automating your email marketing, which will require all of the benefits available.

With that in mind, here are our picks for the best email marketing tools in 2021, along with a quick rundown of their features, cost, and pros and cons.

What is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software enables you to manage your contact lists, develop and deliver appealing emails, and measure how many people opened and read them. The best part is that getting started isn’t expensive, and it’s also not a challenging task. Most of those solutions in this review feature low-cost introductory plans, and some even provide new client onboarding services. The five products we picked also offer a wide range of self-service help and knowledgebase articles for typical problems.

When it comes to email marketing solutions, there are various alternatives available, ranging from simple text-based template solutions that businesses can rapidly customize to more complicated HTML or JavaScript templates. 

If you’re a small firm, having a spreadsheet list of the names and email addresses is all you need to keep track of contacts. However, as your business grows, this technique becomes increasingly inefficient. You can quickly construct a complex database of subscribers using these email marketing solutions, split by demographic segments and participation levels. One of the reasons email marketing solutions are still so popular is because of this.

Why Email Automations?

Email is still an efficient way to nurture leads. While bulk emails are an excellent way to get a campaign started, drip emails foster long-term connections by sending the appropriate information to the right individuals at the right time. Drip email campaigns not only streamline the process of sending emails, saving you time by eliminating the need for manual scheduling, but they also allow you to send emails customized to customers at various phases of the Buyer’s Journey. It guarantees that each lead receives the most relevant content, resulting in a more successful lead nurturing process. And the most significant thing is that you can leave it alone.

The outcomes are more consistent and professional-looking when automation handles strenuous labor. In summary, email automation gives the impression that a company is more organized and responsive.

When the email client receives important and informative emails from your business at the right moment, they’ll be more aware of and understand your company.

When a salesperson contacts them, they’ll know who you are and what your company does, so they will be more engaged in what you have to offer.

5 Best Email Marketing Solution 

Email marketing is an essential component of every digital marketing strategy and one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to spread your message. The procedure does not end with the creation of a mailing list. At various times throughout the campaign, these features provide you with multiple methods to connect with your consumers and subscribers.

Many of these solutions not only provide email assistance but could also assist you in organizing and storing contact information in your CRM, allowing you to retain all of your data in real-time for future reference.



GetResponse is a scalable and adaptable email marketing automation platform that allows you to grow your revenue by simplifying and optimizing communication. You may use it to build an email marketing list, host webinars, send greeting and thank-you emails, provide special offers, automate marketing, and so much more. Chats, funnels, and paid adverts are among the new capabilities offered by GetResponse.


  • This tool is a new GetResponse functionality that provides a comprehensive E-commerce service, unlike other email marketing solutions. Without leaving the environment, you may construct a product listing, landing pages, followers and autoresponders, sales pages, transactions, Facebook campaigns, and so forth.
  • GetResponse‘s presenting a Webinar option is a freshly launched new feature. It is a relatively new tool that allows you to hold endless webinars and emails under one roof. You can send webinar invitations to your contacts’ segmented email lists.
  • Using Drag-and-drop builder, the method for establishing an email campaign with GetResponse could help you produce a newsletter. With the email application’s help, one can either start from scratch or utilize one of the provided templates.
  • GetResponse has also updated its template menu, including a new marketing automation template to help you launch a campaign quickly.


  • Its list automation functionality allows you to apply a variety of variables to separate your subscriber list automatically.
  • All GetResponse plans have a remarkable landing page generator that allows for A/B testing, which might save you a great deal of money.


  • The deliverability of GetResponse needs to develop. The software, on the other hand, is suitable for a wide range of businesses.



Klaviyo is an e-commerce email marketing system that is hosted in the cloud. Collaboration with different platforms, audience segmentation, and progress monitoring are all essential aspects.

Klaviyo enables users to send out customized email campaigns based on information like purchase and browsing history and how previous emails were engaged. Users may consolidate data from several sources using the solution’s connection with technologies, including e-commerce platforms, payment processors, and marketing strategies.


  • Klaviyo is a robust marketing tool that simplifies segmentation. With this software, you could successfully target your marketing strategies using behavioral and procedural data. 
  • Klaviyo‘s online tracking system is unique. The technology keeps track of your potential clients’ surfing habits, making it simple to target clients who meet specific requirements. Numerous targeting choices and pre-existing categories provide limitless marketing possibilities.
  • The workflow tool is undoubted of excellent quality, and they have created it incredibly simple to use this complex software, which would be great on any platform, but most media fail to do. The client may simply enable the optimized abandon cart and watch their sales skyrocket.


  • The program works in tandem with your existing technologies, allowing you to pull data from ZOHO, Magento, Salesforce, Shopify, and other sources.
  • Klaviyo makes it simple to connect with your customized audiences. Once you’ve linked the two platforms, you’ll be able to target your contacts on Facebook easily.
  • Klaviyo is a visual builder, which means you don’t need technical knowledge to design email templates, automate workflows, or set up signup forms.


  • Klaviyo has a relatively high price tag. When compared to its rivals, the discrepancy can be up to three times.
  • Klaviyo‘s support is another flaw, among many users complaining about the company’s slow customer service.



MailerLite is a cloud-based email marketing platform.  Campaign analytics, email automation, subscriber list management, and outcome monitoring are all critical elements.

Users can use the software to create newsletter-style email campaigns. Clients can design and develop content using a drag and drop editor by adding text, graphics, videos, and social media links. Users can generate or import subscriber lists in CSV, TXT, and Excel formats using the subscriber management facilities. Users can save contact details for recipients, such as email addresses, phone numbers, towns, and countries.


  • You could deliver emails to up to 1000 subscribers on your database with a free account on Mailerlite‘s automation tool. Other features available to you include landing pages, a subscription form on Facebook pages, popup forms, and embedded forms for your site.
  • This autopilot feature is quite helpful in building a sales funnel. Your prospective subscribers will be kept engaged in this way even if you don’t have time to compose new emails or prepare new campaigns.
  • The auto-rerun tool allows you to resend previous campaigns to visitors who did not open or click through them the first time. You may also provide a special note for these subscribers to encourage them to continue in touch with you. Once you’ve set up the basic customization settings, everything will be taken care of automatically.


  • The Mailerlite includes a fantastic drag-and-drop editor that makes it simple to create attractive and high-converting emails.
  • Most newcomers would find their dashboard simple to understand because there are no bloating apps or extraneous data to be found here.
  • Although Mailerlite is geared for beginners, this does not rule out the possibility of using the mass mailing system.


  • There are no specialized features like tag-based international funneling and synchronization systems.



Encharge is a marketing automation platform for businesses that allows them to send emails to customers depending on their browsing behavior. This tool is the first marketing automation tool for companies that work with their existing apps. It can nurture leads and sign them up for goods and services that are offered. Encharge gathers information from users’ databases, analyzes consumer behavior, and delivers tailored messages.

Encharge also assists entrepreneurs in creating customer processes, importing contacts, and segmenting their consumers. Its built-in Facebook retargeting technology aids businesses in reactivating current users through advertisements.


  • Encharge‘s drag-and-drop functionality makes creating email processes uncomplicated for all marketers, including non-technical ones. You may arrange the entire user experience by connecting the intervention notifications.
  • This intelligent marketing technology classifies people and sends automated emails based on their activities, product pages, and other company channels.
  • Its A/B testing tool lets customers experiment with broadcast emails, processes, and merge tags to see which ones produce the most outstanding results for the company.
  • The lead score function helps your team’s achievements to be more efficient. Examine the leads to determine which ones are most likely to convert. These evaluations can help you create a more effective workflow that reduces the amount of time spent on non-converting visitors.



  • The Flow designer is a canvas where you can place connected or distinct flows, making it much easier to build complicated linkages, tagging, categorization, lead scoring, email dissemination, and other actions for particular contacts.
  • It walks a fine line between mailing list management, marketing automation, and customer relationship management, with plenty of modification and collaboration options to fit your needs.


  • Although Encharge is still in its infancy, users will have to wait a while longer for more integration.
  • You need to spend some time fully knowing all of the potential features if you want to establish processes or automation effectively.


In this comparison, GetResponse outperforms all other competitors. It is the apparent winner by our measures. They provide a decent selection of features at a reasonable price, especially when it comes to more significant user numbers.

The software is an all-in-one marketing platform that includes landing pages, a CRM, and sophisticated automation in addition to email marketing. Because of their extensive set of sophisticated features, we give them a high rating. Its starting plan is priced accordingly, and they occasionally provide a substantial 50% discount to their consumers.


Different email marketing services have a wide range of prices. But more costly does not always imply superior quality. Starting with a free plan appears to be pretty risk-free. Bear in mind that your emails may contain a small advertisement and that you will have limited assistance.

In any event, we hope that this guideline has given you a comprehensive summary of the benefits and drawbacks of each service so that you can make an informed decision right now.

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