The Best Choice For Online Email Marketing Solutions 2021

Companies are always looking for new ways to increase brand awareness. Email marketing software development is an integral component of achieving this goal.

Companies may use platforms like ActiveCampaign, Moosend, Sendinblue, Convertkit, and Omnisend to reach out to current and future customers by automating the creation and distribution of newsletters, advertising, new sales, and other marketing materials.

Email marketing software, in general, enables users to share any material they develop with customers by email automation delivery.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing in which a commercial message or email is sent to customers. The content or email persuades them, intending to boost and generate revenue. It also aids in increasing client loyalty, informing them about the product or service, and notifying them of any other modifications that may have occurred. Some even assist in learning about customer feedback on a product.

It is a popular choice since it is both inexpensive and practical. In addition, it aids in generating a significant profit because the returns are much higher than the initial investment. For example, for marketers some instances, it can even yield thirty times the initial investment.

Email marketing allows you to communicate with customers directly. This human interaction can have a much more significant impact than traditional social media material addition. For example, marketers step of the business cycle necessitates the use of email. Therefore, email marketing may be quite valuable and should be utilized by every business or organization.

What are Email Automations?

Email automation is the capacity to send relevant information to subscribers using time or activity-triggered emails. Marketing automation is used for a variety of objectives. Email automation makes email marketing more productive, personalized, and engaging, whether it’s a prompted workflow that helps cultivate new leads, holiday greetings that offer a personal touch, or automated blog updates that take the legwork out of keeping in contact with your audience.

One of the most effective ways of engaging with prospective customers and followers who seem to have a genuine desire to follow a business or brand’s updates is to use automation for email campaigns. You won’t have to waste another opportunity to produce leads, sales, or income with email automation tools.

Through email marketing automation, you may receive vital information about your target audience’s wants and desires while also learning more about your targeted demographics.

5 Best Email Marketing Solution 

Are you babbling in choosing the best fit software that would help you boost your email marketing strategy? In this review, we will not tackle just two or three sites to compare but five! Yes! Five software to choose from! In this in-depth and honest review, you will better understand the best email marketing platform in the biz.


ActiveCampaign was created by merging the all-encompassing capabilities of marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM automation. It is appropriate for any size of business. You may send stunning newsletters, construct and design email campaigns to engage their audience, and convert more contacts into customers using the spectacular drag-and-drop interface. It also allows you to communicate and work with other users via forums and other social media platforms. The pricing levels offered by ActiveCampaign are reasonable, and they also provide discounts to non-profit groups.

This platform provides the flexibility and ease of use necessary to make marketing simple at any level, regardless of the size of your firm or the extent to which you want it to grow. ActiveCampaign offers all of the fundamental elements of an email marketing platform while also allowing for expansion, guaranteeing that you never run out of room. As your company grows, you can scale your marketing inside the same ecosystem.


  • With ActiveCampaign‘s intelligence-driven automation, people can directly start campaigns, change contact information, and contact sales prospects with no training. Drag-and-drop functionality and drop-down options make campaign creation simple using the automation tool. Furthermore, ActiveCampaign records every interaction, allowing users to follow lead behaviors and see what activities their contacts are taking.
  • Users can build an ideal lead profile, update lead scores as they perform specific tasks, and add criteria to enhance their definition of the perfect lead. Business marketers may also get a rated, constantly updated list of their top-performing leads from ActiveCampaign, ensuring that their sales force is always focused on the best lead at the right moment.
  • Split Actions: ActiveCampaign clients can split test email campaigns used during automated workflows, establish variable processes that alter when certain circumstances are fulfilled, and set up splits for different business processes. As a result, users may optimize every part of their business until they have finely tuned sales and marketing processes working at peak performance.


  • ActiveCampaign is a fantastic solution for most small businesses that don’t want to devote themselves to spending thousands of dollars each year for marketing automation. Without any upfront setup fees, their pricing starts at just $9 per month.
  • Zapier Integration – ActiveCampaign‘s Zapier integration connects to over 2,000 different tools. While this allows you to link ActiveCampaign to a wide range of products, some integrations will require a paid Zapier subscription.


  • CRM — Because ActiveCampaign includes an in-built CRM system, its marketing automation is powerful. On the other hand, this CRM isn’t as good as independent solutions like PipeDrive or Salesforce – though we think this is a fair trade-off given ActiveCampaign’s automation capabilities.
  • ActiveCampaign‘s data is somewhat cluttered, and it can be tricky to access at times, despite being pretty comprehensive and offering insight on sales/goal conversions.


Moosend is an email business tool that automates monotonous chores so that marketers can focus on creating long-term relationships with their customers. It includes an easy-to-use interface for creating emails and tracking campaigns, and it doesn’t require any coding or web design knowledge.

The software boasts of the degree of automation that email marketers can accomplish with it. Moosend is an email marketing automation tool that allows users to do activities faster and communicate with visitors, subscribers, and customers more accurately and timely. They will be able to set up events with Moosend that will automatically execute particular tasks. The process automation feature of Moosend aids businesses in resolving difficulties such as minimizing shopping cart abandonment and gaining insights into visitor behavior.


  • Email categorization — Marketers can create email lists using custom opt-in forms that users can add to their website or social media accounts to collect visitor information. Each field is editable and gathers information such as gender, age, and favorite brands. 
  • Analytics – Moosend has analytics features that allow marketers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. For example, marketers may use the link analytics tool and see which links their subscribers engage on. In addition, the email and device metrics provide information on which email programs and devices subscribers use.
  • Automated marketing tool – Marketers can use these services to determine which events prompt email sends or other actions. For example, if a prospect adds a product to their shopping cart but does not complete the transaction, send them a message to remind them to do so.


  • Moosend email automation provides far more features than any other email marketing application now available. In addition, it comes with everything you’ll need to start sending out highly successful email automation programs.
  • Regular email distribution campaigns and A/B split tests, and RSS-based email campaigns are all available in any email marketing system. Repeatable HTML campaigns, on the other hand, are what we appreciate best about Moosend.
  • Spam Content and Delivery Test – Moosend offers a highly comprehensive spam content and prevention test for many email service providers.


  • Because this product lacks a mobile app or SMS messaging feature, you won’t facilitate mass texts like you can with emails.


Sendinblue is an email marketing service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). The most recent version has streamlined some aspects while evolving others, allowing it to function as a more comprehensive digital marketing hub. Robust automation, built-in customer relationship management (CRM), and a new professional template design service are unique and prominent features.

The Sendinblue solution is one of the most affordable on the market, and it includes a user-friendly free plan for novices. So this software might be the tool for you if you’re seeking the perfect blend of SMS campaigns, WordPress compatibility, and opt-in chances.


  • The Sendinblue user interface is simple to grasp. You could also instantly recognize the tool’s most important features. At the top, you’ll find the main menu, which will take you to automation, campaigns, contact management, and transaction email. You can also use the sidebar menu to change the templates, emails, and settings.
  • Sendinblue ‘s marketing automation platform is a simple option for anyone who aims to build new workflows or amateurs who wish to automate primary email sequences. The program comes with eight basic process templates that you may customize and edit for individual activities.
  • This platform includes a tracker that allows you to keep tabs on your clients’ online activities. You can assess which offers can capture closer attention from the intended market in addition to setting email automation parameters.


  • Sendinblue makes it easy to create custom workflows that complement your marketing funnel, allowing you to implement well-coordinated campaigns. The activities provided by the workflow determine the platform’s behaviors.
  • Because Sendinblue delivers email marketing campaigns and digital marketing campaigns, landing pages could also be designed and personalized using it. Layouts and design schemes are straightforward to implement, thanks to the platform’s drag-and-drop interface.


  • There isn’t any help for avoiding spam and lowering bounce rates. Furthermore, their marketing automation help is seen as inadequate.


Convertkit is a full-featured email service provider founded by Nathan Barry in 2013 and tailored to online professionals. Although it is one of the more expensive newsletter solutions on the market, Convertkit still has a lot to offer you, along with a free plan with unlimited mailings. It is appropriate for entrepreneurs who are just starting to build a reputation and establish a dependable email list for their brand.  


Convertkit ‘s premium subscription includes automatic email cycles and sales funnels, which can help you keep good engagement with your users or audiences.


  • Convertkit ‘s email automation makes it possible to create guidelines that will trigger different actions about specific events. For example, you may vary your email sequence according to what the visitor does.
  • With Convertkit , you may send a one-time email to your entire list, known as a broadcast, and plan a series of emails at a specific time of day.
  • Aside from sending newsletters and automating campaigns, Convertkit allows you to produce Landing pages, which are helpful for people running social media campaigns.


  • Send emails that will be delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes. To compose emails with the feel and style you want, you may use the email templates and layouts.
  • Convertkit has a fantastic visual automation creator. Create high-converting automation that functions for you based on the actions of your subscribers. While you’re sleeping, send emails on autopilot to boost your revenues.
  • With merge tags, you may send dynamic emails that personalize at a deeper level based on the markers you’ve allocated to your subscribers.


  • Convertkit ‘s default forms aren’t attractive. It’s because ConvertKit believes in minimal, uncluttered email designs that just don’t rely on illustrations or graphics. However, if you know CSS, you can very much alter the forms.
  • Even though Convertkit allows organizations to develop automation, they are relatively simple compared to ActiveCampaign‘s complex automation.


Omnisend is a multi-channel marketing automation application tailored to the e-commerce industry. With email marketing as its core, it quickly generates effective email campaigns. In addition, Omnisend‘s marketing automation may adapt messages based on customer data, shopping behavior, and campaign participation.

Omnisend has several tools to help you manage and maximize your marketing activities, regardless of the channel. For example, the software includes built-in templates to assist you in creating customized emails and options to automate the segmentation and distribution of these emails. Similarly, the platform supports SMS marketing and Facebook Messenger. These characteristics make it much easier for marketers to reach out to their clients and interact with them.


  • Omnisend has many features that make it easier for anyone to personalize messages based on their location. For example, you may set up smart triggers so that your customers get the right message at the right time — whether they’re pursuing or buying. As a result, the number of offered bargains increases.
  • Omnisend has gadgets that can help you improve your client conversion rates. As a result, you can set up a welcome robotization method to assist you in converting bulletin endorsers into buyers.
  • With Omnisend, you may promote your business through a variety of methods. As a result, you can join each channel and gradually begin your merchandise sales.


  • Omnisend‘s interfaces with various eCommerce platforms make collecting data on shopping and campaign activity a snap. Customer purchase and browsing data are captured and linked into the platform automatically.
  • Omnisend automates all email communications, enabling sales teams to save time and close more deals. Set up email automation workflows prompted by customer activities like cart abandonment, purchase and shipping confirmation, and welcome sequences.


  • When it comes to upgrades, Omnisend members have complained about a lack of communication. Unfortunately, this fact causes uncertainty, forcing Omnisend users to contact the company’s customer support department for more information.



Although ActiveCampaign‘s pricing isn’t the lowest in the email marketing industry, it doesn’t imply it’s not good value. On the contrary, if you choose the correct bundle, you might wind up with a software package that is well worth your money.

active campaign pricing



For businesses with fewer than 1,000 subscribers, Moosend provides a free subscription that allows unlimited email campaigns and other services. Pro and Enterprise are the two price options depending on the number of customers. 

Landing pages, transactional emails, and phone assistance are all included in the Pro package. For up to 2,000 members, it starts at $8 per month. Custom reporting, single sign-on, an account manager, onboarding, and a service contract are included in the Enterprise package. This plan’s price is only available as a customized quotation.


sendinblue pricing

Sendinblue has a variety of pricing options to suit the needs of various customers. Businesses who are new or have a small client base can use the free plan, which allows for 9000 emails per month and a daily maximum of 300 emails. In addition, a mobile-friendly email designer is included in the free edition for creating responsive email newsletters and campaigns.

Suppose you deliver many emails to the same recipients. In that case, Sendinblue works out to be a lot more affordable than other comparable solutions if you provide many emails to the same recipients. So it’s a good alternative if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution with automation, sophisticated segmentation, live chat, and dynamic customization.



At this point, you should take a step back and examine ConvertKit to comprehend its price, features, entirely and whether or not you’re receiving a good bang for the buck.

It’s worth noting that if you have more than 5,000 members, you can determine how much it’ll cost. ConvertKit offers a terrific value in that if you pay annually, you get 12 months for the price often.


omnisend pricing

The price structure of Omnisend is a little perplexing. There are a few options for both free and paid programs. The cost varies depending on the number of subscribers you have and the package you select. The amount of emails you may send each month is likewise determined by your number of subscribers. As a result, you must pay great attention while selecting your plan.

 The number of customers measures the cost of the paid plans. The amount of emails you may send per month is limited on their Standard and Pro subscriptions. You will be able to replenish email credits if you run out of them before your paying term (monthly or annually) expires. You may pay your plan price monthly or yearly with Omnisend. You may save up to 22 percent on your plan price if you pay it annually.


ActiveCampaign is by far the most sophisticated automation platform we’ve seen, allowing you to create practically any automation you could think of, including triggered campaigns, sales follow-ups, automated segmentation, flexible email content, and many more.

Based on the overall performance and features, we would undoubtedly recommend ActiveCampaigns as they offer a wide range of functionalities and a well-established reputation in the field of Email marketing.



If you’re still undecided about which software is ideal for your company, it’s a good idea to check the social analytics for each service. Such indicators are frequently used to determine how popular service is and how widespread its internet presence is.

Both ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign charge you based on the number of subscribers rather than the number of emails delivered, although ActiveCampaign is significantly more expensive. However, we believe that ActiveCampaign‘s features are superior to ConvertKit, particularly in terms of marketing automation and analytics.